Duration of Support

The scholarship starts from the 2nd Semester up to the standard duration of the study (S1/D4 = 2nd – 6th Semester, D3 = 2nd – 4th Semester), unless he/she is underperforms (IPK < 3.00), on leave, no confirmation of fund recipient and no news within a certain period of time, will get no scholarship during those period.

Requirements for applying scholarship

  • 2nd – 6th semester students of S1/D4 and 2nd – 4th semester students of D3
  • Age not more than 27
  • Financially deprived (stated in SKTM and/or Recommendation Letter of financial condition issued by the University)
  • IPK ≥ 3.00
  • Disciplines: Accounting, Agriculture, Fishery, Animal Husbandry, Architecture, Arts and Cultures, Arts and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Financial Management, Forestry, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Health/Medicine, History, Technology/ICT, Management, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Technic/Technology
  • Active in organization and/or social-community
  • Proficient in English will be an advantage
  • Do not receive any other scholarship

Amount of Scholarship and Benefits

  • IDR 750.000,- will be paid directly to the grantees’ bank account every month on the same date (not applicable due to Saturday/Sunday and Public Holiday)
  • One time TOEFL Bonus (if any) and on time Graduation (exam) Bonus
  • Free to join Capacity Building (to be selected), which held by Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia

Enrolment Application Process

Van Deventer-Maas Scholarship enrolment must be completed by online through ers.vdms-scholarship.org. You can download the required documents checklist form when you are completing the online registration. If you are invited to continue the process to the second step, then you must submit the complete required documents to the Person in Charge in your university.

Required documents

  • Document Checklist (click to download)
  • Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu (SKTM) from Kelurahan or Recommendation letter which stating your family’s economy condition from the School/University (Rector/Dean/Head of Study Program Department).
  • The latest academic transcript / IPK (≥ 3.00)
  • Parents’/guardian official income statement (for Institution/Private officers) at least the last 2 months.
  • Parents’/guardian statement of work & income (for Entrepreneur) signed and sealed with meterai 10.000, and legalized by Kelurahan.
  • Copies of ID (KTM and KTP).
  • Copy of Family Card (KK)
  • Copy of Bank Account (the front page of your own bank book) - Only for Selected students
  • Electricity bill (at least the last 2 months bill) or electricity bill statement that signed and legalized by kelurahan if you can not get the bill or you do not use electricity
  • An essay about yourself (include family, study and social activities), what do you know about Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia, why VDMS have to choose you to be one of the grantees; what is the advantage for you if you were chosen as grantee; and what will you do for the society after you received the scholarship. (Minimum 1,5 pages of A4, Font: Palatino Linotype, font size 11, and 1 spacing).


The University will send the documents to the office of Yayasan van Deventer-Maas Indonesia in Yogyakarta to be selected, comply with the above requirements. An agreement will be signed between you and the University on behalf of Yayasan van Deventer-Maas Indonesia upon approval.


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to Apply click here ers.vdms-scholarship.org

for further information:

  • Click here to download Manual book
  • Click here to download Document checklist
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