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The former VDMI grantees become VDMI alumni once their scholarship periods end. However, the end of the scholarship does not mean the end of the relationship between VDMI and its benefit recipients. VDMI alumni are expected to keep connect with the VDMI family and maintain networking with each other. Thus, VDMI provides media for Alumni to keep connect with the VDMI family which are Regional Representative (RR), Alumni to Alumni (A2A) E-Newsletter, some of the VDMI Capacity Building programs, as well as the Membership Administration System (MAS).

Regional Representative

The Regional Representatives (RR) aim to gather VDMI alumni and grantees in a particular region so that they can create some beneficial programs or events for the local society. The members of the RR typically alumni and grantees who graduated from the nearest university in the region. However, it is possible that the members of the RR are alumni who happen to work in the region though not originally from the region. Through the RR, VDMI alumni will be able to contribute to society wherever they live or reside. For the Regional Representatives that actively create sustainable programs in their regions, VDMI provides appreciations to support the RR programs. In 2019, the best RR went to RR Kupang, RR Padang, and Makassar respectively. Currently, there are 12 active RR across Indonesia which are:

  • RR Kupang
  • RR Padang
  • RR Makassar
  • RR Jawa Timur
  • RR Banjarmasin
  • RR Jabodetabek-Bandung
  • RR Medan
  • RR Ambon
  • RR Salatiga
  • RR Semarang
  • RR Yogyakarta
  • RR Manado

Alumni to Alumni (A2A) E-Newsletter

A2A e-newsletter is the media for sharing knowledge, experience, and update news among the VDMI family. The newsletter consisted of three sections which are:

  • Articles: written by VDMI grantees, alumni, or the Excellent Writing Club members
  • News Update: information about programs or events held by VDMI
  • Regional Activities:¬†information about programs or events held by Regional Representative across Indonesia

To contribute to the A2A e-newsletter, alumni can contact the Communication and Alumni Relation Officer for one-time contribution or join the Excellent Writing Club for continuous contribution. With the A2A e-newsletter, VDMI alumni can gain and give new insight, learn from as well as encourage each other. Publish on the 25th of every month. The link for the A2A e-newsletter can be found in the Useful Links.

VDMI Family Magazine

VDMI will keep innovating in supporting the VDMI family. Start from 2021, there will be the VDMI Family E-Magazine. VDMI Family E-Magazine will consist of inspirational stories from the VDMI family in the forms of features, opinions, and short stories. The magazine consisted of four sections which are:

  • Alumni Story: inspirational story from alumni
  • Grantee Story: inspirational story from grantees
  • Indonesiaku: articles written by VDMI grantees or alumni featuring their local arts and cultures
  • Short Story: a short story written by VDMI alumni or grantees who love to write fiction

Magazine will be published on the 15th of every month. The link for the VDMI Family Magazine can be found in the Useful Links.

Contribute to the VDMI Capacity Building Programs

Often time, VDMI involved alumni in the VDMI capacity building programs for grantees. For instance, alumni may share their knowledge on how to get scholarships or jobs abroad. To contribute to the VDMI capacity building programs, see the Useful Links.

Membership Administration System (MAS)

VDMI alumni are encourage to update their data at least once in six months. Thus, VDMI can connect with the alumni in case there are programs that might benefit the VDMI alumni.

Link Update Alumni Data:

Alumni can login with the SAS (Student Administration System) username and password .

If you forget the username and password, you can click Lost Your Password with the registered email. But, if it doesn't work, you can contact Communication and Alumni Relation in email

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