About the Alumni Association (AA)

In 2009 The Van Deventer Maas Stichting established an Alumni Association (AA) for graduates who attended a university or profesional education institutewith a scholarship of the VDMS. Registration is open for all former VDMS students.

Valuable networks

The purpose of an Alumni Association is among others to facilitate the building of networks through which the members can keep in touch and support each other, to stay in contact with the educational institutions and also to follow their progress for e.g. potential future employment or referral. It also in a way, a platform for continued learning and special courses. It will organize part of the financial support for such courses and it will encourage alumni to act as trainers and coaches for studentd in their own field if expertise.

Learn, Share and Encourage

The reason why the Van Deventer-Maas Stichting launched an Alumni Association for graduates was the desire to extend the bond the alumni have formed with VDMS and vice versa. Alumni can also in this way benefit from supporting their Alma Mater and at the same time support current students. Thus, this special group can be active in passing on a creative spirit, with sense of social responsibility and with an urge to pass on their skilss and knowledge to their fellow alumni and to the VDMS students, as a tutor (for these students).

This is expressed in the motto of the Alumni Association : "Learn, Share and Encourage".


Inspiring activities

The activities that are carried out for the Alumni are amongst others: regional Alumni meetings, workshop to enhance knowledge and skills, such as 'How to Start a Business' and 'Train the Trainers', E-learning activities, English course and Leadership Courses.

Become a member of the Alumni Association.How?

Are you a former VDMS scholarship student? Then join the Alumni Association.

Apply for a membership by clicking here and follow the easy application procedure.

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