Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia

The VDMI Statutes provide a broad mandate allowing the Foundation a degree of flexibility and the possibility to adapt to changing times.

The objective of the Foundation is the promotion of the spiritual, intellectual, and material welfare of the Indonesian people with specific attention to education; at the same time the social, spiritual and cultural development of Indonesian women and girls, and everything broadly related to this, will be promoted. This support can be provided in the form of scholarships, stipends, training, or support of an educational project.

VDMI aims to achieve its objectives mainly by awarding scholarships to young Indonesian students in selected universities, academy, and secondary schools. The Foundation also provides capacity building programs for its scholarship grantees, aiming to promote their personal development and chances in job markets. The VDMI also has the possibility to support additional projects in line with the foundation’s mission.

VDMI provides approximately 1000 scholarships each year to students in 32 universities, 1 academy, and 1 vocational school.

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Learn: All VDMI grantees and alumni are expected to be the lifelong learners.
Share: As a part of the VDMI family, grantees and alumni are invited to share or discuss their ideas, knowledge, and skills among the VDMI family and society in general.
Encourage: VDMI family is also the source of encouragement among its members to keep building their capacities and potentials.